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H. Gmünder

I have a history of heart attacks and lung disease. That’s why it’s important to me that help is automatically called in case of an emergency. With safe-living, I feel much safer and more reassured knowing that the system is there for me in such situations. I also like the simplicity of the system and that I don’t have to wear anything on my wrist.

C. van Son

I chose safe-living because I know it will keep me safe in my home. If an emergency occurs, safe-living will automatically call for help without me having to carry or operate anything. The ability to actively call for help on the go via the accompanying safe-living app is another plus for me. I simply feel more comfortable and safer at home and on the road with this security solution. Especially if I were to fall, neither my calls nor my dogs’ barking would be audible, as my apartment is very well insulated. The system gives me peace of mind that help is on the way without me having to do anything.

Another benefit of safe-living is that there is no need for a physical alarm button. The automatic emergency detection gives me a high level of confidence and comfort. I am also impressed by the continuous development of this security solution.


I first learned about safe-living through Facebook, and I was instantly captivated by their solution. Despite my current state of good health, I live with preexisting health conditions and recognize the paramount importance of safety.

Thanks to safe-living, I now feel safe both at home and while on the move, especially with the integrated burglary alarm system. This additional layer of safety has noticeably lightened the load in my life.

What stands out to me about safe-living is their incredibly friendly and supportive guidance. Their team’s professionalism left a lasting impression on me. They promptly provided all the necessary information I needed – the team is consistently accessible and approachable.


I am really glad that we have safe-living, because unfortunately my husband had two short fainting spells during the summer. Thanks to safe-living, I was able to enjoy my vacation to the fullest, knowing that my husband was safe. Knowing that safe-living will automatically call for help in an emergency gives us both a sense of security.


I want to be able to make decisions freely for as long as possible and do the things that truly make me happy. That’s why my independence and freedom are very important to me. Since I live alone, I have installed the safe-living system. As a result, I feel much safer, freer, and more independent at home. Safe-living offers automatic assistance in emergencies, in case something should happen to me. I can relax and know that safe-living will be there to support me in such situations. It’s fantastic!

E. Buettiker

Thanks to my son, I became aware of safe-living. Since I’ve been using safe-living, I feel considerably safer and more independent both at home and on the go. What I especially appreciate is that safe-living runs discreetly in the background 24/7, without me having to wear, activate, or think about anything. The system is uncomplicated and represents the ideal solution for both me and my family, as we are always connected to each other through the associated app.

B. Kathriner

Thanks to the contactless emergency detector from safe-living, I feel safe at home and know that I can get help without pressing a button. With the accompanying app, I have the possibility to involve family members, friends and acquaintances, should I need help. In addition, the installation of the emergency detectors on the ceiling at my home was uncomplicated and quick, safe-living took care of everything.

Alfred E.

I’ve had problems with my balance for a few years now and have therefore had a number of falls. Shortly after the passing of my wife, I once lied unconscious in the bathroom. That’s when my grandson, introduced me to safe-living. safe-living not only alarms in case of an emergency. It is also possible for my relatives to see over the app if I am doing ok. Thanks to this possibility, I feel cared for day and night, and my relatives have peace of mind.

J. Salzmann

My grandparents are very active and tend to go out a lot. If one person is not at home, safe-living takes care of the person at home who is alone. Thanks to the safe-living app, we always know if everything is okay, even if the grandparents don’t answer a call. For us as relatives, this is a great relief, and at the same time our grandparents feel safer.

Rita B.

After a long search, we found the perfect solution for my father. A solution that he doesn’t have to carry around with him, that doesn’t stigmatize him and that works reliably. Thanks to the accompanying safe-living app, I and my siblings know at all times how our father is doing. This is an enormous relief for me, for him and for our entire family. We are all thrilled about the safe-living solution and would not want to be without it.


After my stroke, during which I lay undiscovered on the floor for over 4 hours after several falls, I had to spend numerous months in the hospital and in rehab. This completely changed my perspective and my life. Had I installed the emergency alert system from safe-living before the stroke, my recovery process would have been significantly more positive and faster – time is brain. It is a very big concern of mine that in the future, people in similar situations receive help more easily and quickly. We have the technology for it!