Christmas time - a lonely time?

Many people consider it the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas. The first Christmas markets are already opening. Twinkling fairy lights bask the streets in a warm glow, and the smell of delicious Christmas cookies is everywhere. 

Those who enjoy a busy Christmas season and look forward to seeing their family again will experience this time of year at its best. But for many single people, a completely different reality comes to the fore: the painful experience of loneliness. 

According to a survey by AARP 28 percent of U.S. adults ages 50 and older report that they’ve felt lonely during a holiday season over the past five years [1]. This feeling is often even more pronounced over Christmas, and the telephone hotlines for senior citizens are running hot. For many people, Christmas is anything but a celebration of joy. According to psychologists, the number of older people spending lonely holidays is increasing dramatically. [2] 

The good news is: No one has to be alone at Christmas! A wide variety of organizations offer events and provide useful tips on how to make Christmas a happy time of year again. We have compiled some of these tips for you: 

Tip Nr. 1: Senior get-togethers 

Some churches and other organizations offer regular get-togethers for senior citizens and enable older people to stay in touch with each other. At Advent and Christmas time, there are many special offers, such as senior Advent or Christmas carolling for seniors. 

You can find more information and offers at San Francisco Resource Connect, for example, or contact organizations such as Council on Aging or your local churches. 

Tip Nr. 2: Go out 

Mingle with people and enjoy the culture and the Christmas atmosphere. Theatres, concerts, and markets are in high season over the Christmas period, and here you will find many like-minded people and perhaps even make a new acquaintance or two. Even at Christmas itself, there are numerous offers for a festive matinee and other events. 

Tip Nr. 3: Invite acquaintances  

Why not create your own social circle by inviting friends, acquaintances or neighbours to your home, for example? The tasks can be divided up between each other, making the gathering a shared experience. However, if the preparations and tidying up are too much for you, you can also be pampered by a special catering service for senior citizens. 

Tip Nr. 4: Travel 

If the hustle and bustle of Christmas is too much for you anyway, why not escape and treat yourself to a few days’ vacation? Many providers have special offers for the Advent and Christmas period. If you don’t want to travel alone, you can join an organized group trip for senior citizens. EF Go Ahead Tours, for example, offers various options. 

For senior citizens who still spend a lot of time alone at home, we recommend the contactless and intelligent safe-living emergency alert device – and not just over the Christmas period. Safe-living detects emergencies at home and automatically calls for help without having to carry anything. 




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