safe-living App

Digital SOS button

Reporting an emergency quickly using your mobile phone,
instead of making a phone call, is now made easy through
the free safe-living app.

safe-living App: The free SOS button has everything you need to alert your loved ones.

The safe-living app features a digital SOS emergency button with GPS functionality. Whether you require assistance at home or while on the go, you can easily summon help with a simple tap on the app. The app automatically captures and transmits your GPS coordinates to the designated emergency contacts you have set up. This enables your loved ones to pinpoint your exact location and provide you with the necessary help you need.

Notify your loved ones with a single touch.

When you make an emergency call through the app, your designated emergency contacts in the safe-living app will be notified immediately.

GPS feature

When an emergency call is made, the GPS coordinates of the person in need are instantly sent and shared with the emergency contacts.

Starting from 0 $.

Would you like to use the safe-living digital SOS button? Simply download the app from your app store.

With us, you or your loved ones are safe 24/7.

Optionally, you can add our 24/7 emergency call center for CHF 19.90 per month. If an alarm is triggered through the app, our 24/7 emergency call center is notified. They will attempt to reach the affected person by phone first. If the phone is not answered, the emergency contacts stored in the app will be contacted in sequence. If no one is able to provide assistance, emergency services will be called.

Download the Free safe-living App

You can download the safe-living app for iPhone and iPad from the App Store, and for Android from the Google Play Store. The easiest way to do this is by accessing the respective store from your smartphone.

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