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Quality of Life through Independence and Safety

safe-living is a contactless security system for Swiss households that automatically calls for help when needed. This enhances quality of life and safety within one’s own home.

In the event of a potentially unsafe situation at home, safe-living automatically triggers an emergency call without the need for any manual activation or wearing of devices. Similar to a smoke detector that alerts in the presence of smoke, the system becomes active in other critical situations. These include instances such as falls, unusually long bathroom stays, inability to get up in the morning, but also potential intrusions. The distress call is made to the associated 24/7 emergency call center.

safe-living App

Reporting an emergency quickly with your mobile phone, instead of making a call, is now easy with the free safe-living app.

Automatically calls for help in emergencies

Safe-living automatically summons help if the person has been immobile for an extended period.


Get the help you need, automatically


No microphone and no camera


Made in Switzerland

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